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Benefits of Emotional Support Animals

How Can An ESA Letter Help You?

Emotional Support Animals are well-known to heal the impact of mental illness and even add years to your life. Your pet can be deemed as an ESA, if it gives you a feeling of support and helps you in well-being.

An Emotional Support animal is a pet with special rights that are not offered to every animal. These Rights are backed up by Fair Housing Amendment Act and the Air Carrier Access Act that Allows a pet to live & fly with its owner without any fee. To Get your pet certified as an ESA in New York you need an ESA Letter signed by a Local Licensed Mental Health Professional.

ESA Letter For Housing

According to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) of 1988 you are legally protected against any kind of housing discrimination if you a disability. With an ESA Housing Letter signed by a LMHP in NYC you can get access to a reasonable accommodation with your pet, even if Your land owner has a “No-pet Policy” and without paying pet-fee, if your landlord asks for it.

ESA Letter for Travel

Traveling with an Emotional Support Animal comes under The Air Carrier Access Act which states that as long as you have an ESA Letter recommendation from a Licensed Therapist, the airline cannot deny you from traveling with a prescribed emotional support animal. You can fly with your pet in cabin of the airplane without paying pet-fee to the airlines after completing the paperwork (Some airlines requires Additional form to be completed with ESA Letter).

Legit ESA Doctor in NYC

I believe every person has unbelievable potential, but life can become complex with the never-ending transitions and changes. My experiences have provided me a solid foundation of working with individuals from all different backgrounds, living with a wide array of challenges.

How to Apply for ESA Letter Online in New York?


Apply Online

Answer some basic questions in a simple ESA form online and Submit.


Get Evaluated

Once you Submit the Online ESA form, it will be reviewed by Therapist.


Get Approval

After review, the LHMP will sign your ESA Letter & it will be delivered to your E-mail.

How much does an Online ESA Letter in Costs?

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Very accommodating and the most reliable service!! ESA Doctor New York has made my experience of getting the required certifications secure and less stressful than many other ESA Websites. Thank You!

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Richard Patterson

Rochester, NYC

Thank you ESA Doctor New York for making this experience hassle-free and seamless! The process is quick & straightforward. Now, I can bring my dearest cat companion with me wherever I may travel!

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Oliver Sanders

Utica, NYC

ESA Doctor New York is an excellent way to get ESA Letter. The platform is easy to navigate. Getting an ESA Letter from a Local therapist is now simple all the way around. Highly Recommended!!!

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