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How Do Dogs Show Affection? 7 Heartwarming Ways

Publish Date: July 7th, 2021; Publish By: ESA Letter New York Staff
Emotional Support Dog

For a long time, dogs are one of the greatest companions for us.

And it’s not only us who love them, but dogs in return love us just as much as we do. We can show our love for the animals in easy different ways, but for animals, it may not be easy to express their love for us.

Unlike other animals, dogs are more intelligent and can communicate with us through their behavior expressions, and the number of ways they represent their love for the one they truly care for is indescribable, however, Most dogs use the below-mentioned methods to represent their love, and that is what we have tried to cover in brief in this blog.

If you own a dog and want to know whether your dog loves you back or not (though there is no second thought about that), then read this article till the end.

Ways that your dog show affection for you

Follows You Everywhere:

Once your dog starts loving you, it might be difficult for them to get separated from you. You might have noticed your dog following you everywhere like shadows, it’s because they love you, and getting apart from you might be a painful moment for them. Trusting you more can be another reason why your dog is following you everywhere. Once your dog trusts you, they will start considering you as a leader or guardian.

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Kissing or Licking you:

Since kissing is a universal sign of love in humans, it remains the same for dogs too. Licking or kissing is one of the most obvious ways that dogs often show their affection towards you. In puppies, kissing or licking can be a sign of feeling hungry for them. They usually lick their mother’s mouth once they feel hungry. Adult dogs do this for grooming, and they only wanted to tell you that they love you more than anything.

A direct eye contact:

Reading what’s in the eyes of your dog defines your relation and bonding with your dogs. Dogs often make eye contact with you, which is an indirect way of communication between you and your dog. Sometimes, if your dog gets aggressive, and you make a little rude eye contact with your pooch, it can threaten him from misbehaving. Once your dog understands your expression, be gentle and try to make him understand. Your dog explains the feeling of affection and love by looking straight into your eyes.


Other than humans, dogs do smile. That smile cannot be like your pooch showing its canine teeth at you, but it can be a small curve on your dog’s face. Many people miss the chance to see the laughs and smiles of their dogs, but it is one of the most beautiful ways to express the feeling of love and affection. If your dog smiles at you, then you must keep this thing in mind, that he loves you a lot and always wanted to be there for you.

Getting Jealous:

Jealousy is another factor that proves your dog’s affection for you. If you get another pet and start loving the other pet, then your dog can do anything to get your attention back. In such a situation, if your dog tries to pull you away from other pets by moaning, barking, or holding closer, then obviously, it’s jealous. Getting jealous is another form of love.

Trying sleeping next to you:

Most people do not consider sleeping next to their dogs. Sleeping by your dog’s side is the experience that every dog owner should have once in their life. Sleeping next to your dog provides you with a feeling of comfort and security. By doing so, your dog wants to show their love towards you and build more trust and confidence.


Well, every dog that gets rolled on the ground without showing any sign of aggression is actually showing love for its owners. If your dog starts rolling around you and wanted you to cuddle back them, then they show their love for you. Not only rolling but wagging its tail and jumping around you are also some forms of love that your dog wants to tell you.


So, you can consider these points into your mind that how dogs can show their affection to us. Treating your dog properly is very important for a pet owner as it makes your bond stronger with your pet dogs. They are loyal and more friendly to those who treat them well. To make your dog bond trustable, you can cuddle with them, offer food with your hands, provide a better environment, go on hikes or walks with them. Do not let your dog feel that they are not a part of your family, as they might get into depression too.


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