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Legal Rights For Emotional Support Cats

Publish Date: August 25th, 2021; Publish By: ESA Letter New York Staff
Legal Rights For Emotional Support Cats
Cats are the most loving pets after dogs and are considered one of the best Emotional support animals. Just like any other Emotional Support Animal, cats assist their owners in overcoming their mental health issues.

Most people adopt Cats as they are lovely Emotional Support pets and can travel or live with their owners without additional pet fees. Emotional Support Cats provide comfort and support to their owners through companionship. Cats are easier to maintain than emotional support dogs. Just by playing, cuddling, and watching these cute furry friends, half of your stress gets relieved.

Cat an Emotional Support Animal, not a service animal?

It’s true that cats are good at providing emotional benefits to their owners but can cat be service animals? There is no such term as service cat that means cats cannot be service animals.

Unlike dogs, cats cannot be trained individually to help someone with disabilities. They cannot perform different physical tasks such as pulling a wheelchair, assisting a seizure patient, getting medicine and doing many other work types.

Service animals can accompany their owners in many public areas and private businesses if they are well-behaved. Only certain animals like dogs and miniature horses are considered service animals under the American Disabilities Act.

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Cats Emotional support animals

Cats are small canines with agile personalities. They can get adjusted to small spaces and love to follow their owners everywhere. They like to spend some quality time with themselves, and other than this, they can read people’s emotions and respond to them appropriately.

If you are wondering, can cats be emotional support animals? Then, the answer is Yes! Cats can be emotional support animals and have a very affectionate and playful nature for their owners. To get an Emotional Support Cat, one should have an ESA letter for their cat first.

An Emotional Support Animal Letter is a legal document that certifies a person to get the assistance of an animal for their medical treatment. A mental health condition can be depression, stress, anxiety, or PTSD. An Emotional Support Cat can assist its owner in alleviating such symptoms and lead to a happy and healthy life.

Legal Right For Emotional Support Cats.

Emotional Support cats are provided with some legal rights to live with their owners on rental properties. A person can live with their pet on properties that even follow the no-pets policy. Like other emotional support animals, cats are also provided with the same rights.
According to the Fair Housing Act, a person can live in no-pet housing apartments with their emotional support cat. A landowner must make reasonable accommodations for both the pet and owner. Also, a landlord cannot charge any additional pet deposits or fees for your emotional support cat.
A landlord cannot ask an individual to review their confidential medical health conditions and can only ask for an ESA letter as proof of their medical illness. If a landlord does not allow a person to live on their property, they can file a complaint with the HUD for discrimination. Ensure that the cat does not pose any threat to its owner and others. Your pet must be well-behaved and must not cause any destruction.

How to get an emotional support animal letter for cats?

It’s way too easy to get an Emotional support cat letter by following these simple steps:

  • Apply online:
    Apply online and fill in all the details about your medical health condition and answer some questions related to the animal. Please submit the form online to get evaluated by our physicians.
  • Get evaluated by licensed practitioners:
    After submitting the form, all your details will get evaluated by our licensed physicians. If your doctor/therapist finds that the animal is beneficial to treating your medical issues, they will approve an ESA letter.
  • Get approved for ESA letter:
    Soon, you will receive approval for your Emotional Support Animal Letter, and you can have legal access to live with your pet. You can further save it to show it to your landlord.


Cats are excellent pets as emotional support animals. They can provide mental benefits to you and can be a better companion. If you want to get an Emotional Support Cat for your mental wellness in New York, then get started today by applying online. Both the cat and its owner are protected under the Fair Housing Amendment Act and can live with you anywhere.


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