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Want an ESA Letter for Your Pet 2021: Here are 3 Simple Steps

Publish Date: Oct 6th, 2021; Publish By: ESA Letter New York Staff
Want an ESA Letter for Your Pet 2021: Here are 3 Simple Steps

On 11 March 2020, WHO declared that the world is under attack of the pandemic known as COVID-19 or Coronavirus. This pandemic is still affecting the social lifestyle of people and also impacting their mental well-being negatively. Due to the pandemic restrictions, many people suffer from psychological issues, such as depression, loneliness, anxiety, and other severe mental health problems. These mental issues can lead them to psychiatric hospitals or the death beds if ignored for a long time.

Are you one of them who are looking for a treatment with minimum medication and other therapies to resolve your health issues? Then, you can get the help of an emotional support animal (ESA). But what is ESA, and how can it help deal with depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems? Through this blog, you will get to know detailed information about ESA and how you can get your emotional support animal letter within three simple steps

What Is an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?

An emotional support animal is a companion that shares an emotional connection with its owners. This furry friend can help you go through your depression, anger, anxiety, and loneliness issues that can cause your daily life. An emotional support dog can also give you care and unconditional love.

But how can you consider your pet or dog as an emotional support animal? Simply, you need to get an ESA letter online. But what is an ESA letter, and why do you need it? Read the following to know more:

1. Emotional Support Animal Letter

A letter for emotional support animal in New York is an official document that has been authorized by a licensed therapist. This letter is intended to allow you to have a dog or other pet for your mental or emotional disability treatments.
But make sure the ESA letter must be written on a state-licensed mental health professional letterhead along with the name and signature. Also, the issued date, therapist license number, date of the license, and state where the license issued should be mentioned on the ESA letter.

2. Benefits Of An ESA Letter

An ESA letter is specified to ensure that you will not have to separate from your dog because housing accommodations do not allow them to stay alongside you. Most people have to deal with the restriction issues about having pets because they have to stay in rental apartments. They have to pay more than usual rent. But with the help of emotional support animal certification, you can save yourself from facing these biased systems.

Looking to Apply for an ESA Letter for Your Pet

Get Started by following these Steps:

1. Start FIlling up the ESA Evaluation form with your details.

2. Get Evaluated by a Local ESA Doctor once the submission is complete.

3. Get Approved and Receive your Letter In Your Email.

Apply Now

How to Get an Emotional Support Dog Letter?

Before you move further, you will need to know whether you are qualified or not for an emotional support animal letter in new york? If you are, then how to choose a dog as your ESA companion? And, what steps do you need to take to apply for an ESA letter? Here are some steps that can help you to better understand:

  • What are the Qualifying Conditions for the ESA Letter?

    Having a cute dog or cat to help your mental and psychological health can be a suitable solution. But how will you know that you can have an emotional support dog letter?
    To determine that you can apply for an emotional support animal registration, you should check out your mental conditions. Have you been going through a traumatic experience recently? Or have you frequently felt anxiety, loneliness, depression, and worry without any reason? If yes, then you should go for an emotional support animal (ESA).

  • How To Choose A Pet For Your Emotional Support?

    Choosing a suitable companion for your emotional support is crucial work, even if emotional support animals do not need any formal training! Before picking a random animal, you need to know which pet can make a special bond with you? Or which pet can soothe your anxiety, depression, or other mental well-being issues? So, make sure that you will purchase or adopt a pet that helps you feel relaxed. And you will enjoy spending stress-free time with your pet.
    Also, if you have a pet already, then you can make it your ESA as well. But keep in mind that if you are getting unconditional love and care from your furry friend, it will also require the same care from you.

How To Apply For A Legitimate ESA Letter?

Nowadays, there are many ways to apply for an ESA letter in New York. But, the best way is the online method for the emotional support animal letter. You will need to take just three steps, and you will get your letter within a couple of hours. Check out the following steps:

Step 1: Fill In The Application

Firstly, you will need to visit our ESA Letter New York page and click on the get your letter now button. And, then fill in an online form where you will need to give the accurate details along with your pet’s details and then click on submit. After submitting the application, pay for the ESA letter and wait for the next step.

Step 2: Get Evaluated Online

After the payment, you will get a confirmation email! Then, a state-authorized Mental Health Professional will reach you through a video call to evaluate the medical condition that you mentioned in your application.

Step 3: Receive an ESA Letter

After the professional evaluation, you will receive a post-approval ESA Letter via email. After that, you will be able to download and save it for living with your ESA.


An emotional support dog can recover its owners’ well-being by being a social mate. Research has shown that when it comes to emotional support, your furry friend can help you lower your stress, increase calm, and enhance social engagement. Whether you are in depression because of lockdown or feeling anxious for other reasons, your ESA will always make you feel great with its innocent acts, unconditional love, and care.


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