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Elements of a Legitimate ESA Letter

A valid Emotional Support Animal letter must indicate that the person is acquiring the therapeutic advantages for coping with intense emotions, anxiety, or any mental illness.


Must be written on state-licensed mental health professional’s letterhead.


Therapist’s name and signature.


Date of issuance.


Therapist’s license number.


Date of the license, and state where it’s issued.


The need for an ESA for treating the individual’s mental health.


Details of the pet may be included.

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New York and Emotional Support Animals

New York has marked its contribution and presence in promoting the spirit of restoring the mental health and wellbeing. Love and care is the solution to mental illness. An Emotional Support Animal provides the eternal love, support, and care that facilitates in striving for a better tomorrow. ESAs are the real medicines that help in relieving stress, anxiety, or any mental illness.

With realizing the vital role played by an Emotional Support Animal in promoting mental health, New York has sanctioned several online as well as in-person medical amenities to make everything easily accessible. From getting an ESA and legitimate ESA Letter to pet-friendly places and other privileges are granted under the ESA protection acts. An ESA Letter is the only legal document that helps in getting hold of the rights granted for ESA and its owners under specific laws. Acquiring a legitimate Emotional Support Animal Letter from a state-authorized Mental Health Professional gives several civil liberties, including staying and flying with your ESA.

Health Conditions Qualify for an ESA

Several conditions are recognized under the DSM-V. They include but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Post Trauma Stress Disorder
  • Cognitive Disorder
  • Phobias and fears
  • Learning Disorders
Who Can Write an ESA Letter in New York?

A state-authorized Mental Health Professional must prescribe an ESA Letter. This includes the following health care professionals.

  • A Primary Care Physician.
  • A Licensed Therapist.
  • Any Licensed Mental Health Professional.
  • A Licensed General Physician.
If you have a valid ESA letter in New York, the landlord or housing provider
  • Must not restrict an emotional support animal to live with the person devoid of any “no-pet” policies.
  • No pet charges in connection with an ESA.
  • No restrictions based on the size, weight, and breed of the Emotional Support Animal.
An ESA letter should do the following
  • Validate your mental health disability/condition.
  • Elucidate how the disability is restraining everyday activities.
  • Elucidate how an Emotional support animal helps in improving everyday life and well-being.
ESA Housing Benefits
  • Reside in no-pet housing.
  • No pet charges.
  • 24 X 7 Online ESA Letter Support.
  • A hassle-free downloadable copy of an ESA Letter.

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Emotional Support Animal Laws New York

New York has identified the vital role played by an Emotional Support Animal in treating the emotional or mental illness. With unconditional love, care, and support endowed by an Emotional Support Animal, anti-depressant pills can be avoided. New York legislature has passed specific laws along with the federal regulations for the protection of Emotional Support Animals.

New York ESA Housing Laws

New York has adopted the Fair Housing Act (FHA) to stop discrimination while renting or buying a residence. The housing in New York is secluded under FHA that allows the person to live with an Emotional Support Animal devoid of any pet policies. Living with an ESA helps in mitigating anxiety, stress, or any emotional or mental illness. HUD estimation states that 60% of the Housing complaints are regarding the denial of a request to provide accommodation to persons with disability. The primary concern of this act is the removal of discrimination against the disabled.

ESA Campus Housing

Federal Fair Housing Acts include campus housing as well that allows you to bring your ESA in the Campus housing area and live with it.

New York Employment Laws

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects the persons who have some disability and allows them to take Emotional Support Animals in the workplace. However, the employers don’t need to approve the request only. It is always worth trying to ask your employer to keep your ESA along with a valid ESA Letter.

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Exception to Rules

Accommodation Laws:

  1. If you have your own home, the Fair Housing Act won’t be applicable.
  2. A landlord may reject the application for living with an ESA if the animal is verifying to be a threat to others.
  3. In case ESA causes any harm to the property; the individual may need to compensate for the repairs.

Employment Laws:

An employer may reject the request for keeping an ESA with you in the workplace. It is up to the employer only if he wants to permit it.

Punishment for Misrepresenting an Emotional Support Animal

New York legislature has ratified an act “Misrepresentation of Emotional Support Animal Act” that criminalizes the individual acquiring a fake ESA Letter or prompting a phoney request for an ESA as the fake ESA requests are augmenting and so does the online scams. To gain the privileges sanctioned by the government, people are faking the need of having an ESA and the fake providers are also increasing. However, this act considers this as a criminal offence and as a strict action against it; several penalties are passed to deal with this. The penalties for misrepresenting an ESA vary from state to state. So beware of the online scams.

Where can I take my Emotional Support Animal in New York?

New York State has identified the importance of Emotional Support Animal in facilitating mental well-being. The state government has approved several dog parks, restaurants, or locations to visit with your ESA.

Dog Parks and Dog Runs

Central Park: A fantastic dog park for engaging your ESA and you in fun-filled physical activities.
Madison Square Park: A well-admired location to visit with your ESA to lift the mood and perform physical activities with your ESA.


World Pup Cup and Lend a Paw Charity Happy Hour: A fun-filled event with great attractions and activities that welcomes the ESA and its owners to take part in. Make sure you visit this to have a fun-filled glance for the whole year.

Dog-friendly restaurants and bars

Cornelia Street Café:

Take a break from your stress and anxiety and get into a comfort zone with your ESA and enjoy the delicious food items.

Chat Noir, Enid’s: A perfect place to visit with your ESA if you wish to change the mood with the yummy dishes for you and your companion.

The West 79th Street Boat Basin: A pet-friendly café that offers mouth-watering dishes in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A separate meal for pets is proffered.

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Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support Animal

Every little help!

Golden Retriever


The well-admired breeds of retrievers are Labrador and Golden Retrievers. These are well-known for the unwearied and friendly nature and make exceptional Emotional Support Animals.

German Shephard

German Shepherd

German shepherds are well known for their friendly nature and intelligence. They can prosper with humans in public places with some training. It’s an easy-going, approachable, and loyal breed.



Chihuahuas can endow with the vital emotional support to humans by learning the socialization. These are easy on-the-go travel breed. They do not require much exercise and come out to be the best family pets when treated with respect.



Pugs are the most loving pets that play nicely with kids. However, any age can advantage from their support. Pugs are cute and energetic support and provide so much love and support to humans. When trained, these come out to be an intelligent and friendly breed.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is an extremely large dog that is well admired for its calmness, affection, and smartness. These are skilled at diminishing human anxiety.

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are counted as loving companions for those who desire plenty of attention. Giving love and care to an ESA can sometimes be even more curative than receiving it.



Corgis is an affectionate, intelligent, and highly trainable breed. This breed requires more physical and mental activities to be healthy.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are a sensitive natured breed that helps in understanding human feelings. These are cuddly as well as staggering in size. It’s an easy-going dog breed that can make you feel loved and safer than ever.

Where Can You Adopt an ESA in New York?

Pet Partners: Pet Partners is a non-profitable organization that helps in promoting the health and wellness advantages of emotional support animal-assisted interventions. Pet Partners proffers the ready to adopt animals adhering to calm and socializing behaviour.

Animal Care Centers: Animal Care Centers endows with the ready to adopt animals that are done with the necessary vaccinations, spaying, or neutering. It is a leading organization that subsidizes with calm emotional support animals for promoting health and wellbeing.

Bideawee: If you are thinking of expending your family by introducing the little buddies to your family, then this is the right place to opt. Bideawee takes care of the pets with love and care and makes them ready for adoption.

Animal Haven: It is hard to find the little buddies adhering to calm behaviour and zero aggression. Animal Haven endows with a perfect companion that will provide you with all the love and care you deserve.

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