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Refund Policy


Welcome to the ESA Letter New York! ESA Letter New York offers clients a 100% Money back guarantee on all the products and services. However, there are certain conditions when you can ask for a refund. Please read the terms given below to know about a 100% refund.

When can You apply for a 100 % Refund?

1. You will receive a 100% refund of your money If the Licensed Mental Health professional/counselor denies your Request for an Emotional Support Animal Letter for any reason. 2.You may ask for a refund If we fail to provide you with your emotional Support Animal Letter Recommendation within the given time, i.e. 24-48 hours. 3. You may ask for a refund if your ESA recommendation is not verified by the therapist at all.(In the above case, drop an email to [email protected]).

However, you can not ask for a refund under certain conditions:

1.You can not request a refund right after you successfully place an order through the website (You’ll have to wait for the evaluation result, and if you are disapproved you will automatically receive the refund).

2. If you receive your recommendation successfully, but later you change your mind.

3. If your “Landlord” or the “Airlines you are travelling with” deny the Letter even after the successful verification of Your Emotional Support Animal Letter just because they are not aware of ESA Laws.